Sustainable abundance is just around the corner – provided we humans collectively get our act together.

We have within our grasp a sustainable abundance of renewable energy, material goods, health, longevity, intelligence, creativity, freedom, and positive experience.

All being well, this can be attained within one human generation, by wisely accelerating the green technology revolution – including stem cell therapies, 3D printing, prosthetics, robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, neuro-enhancement, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing.



The rich fruits of technology – abundance – can and should be provided for all, not just for those who manage to rise to the top of the present-day social struggle.

A bold reorganisation of society can and should take place in parallel with the green technology revolution – so that everyone can freely access the education, healthcare, and everything else needed to flourish as a full member of society.



Within 25 years – that is, by 2040 – human society could be radically transformed.

To channel the energies of industry, business, finance, universities, and the media, for a richly positive outcome within the next generation, powerful actions are needed. The speakers at this conference will highlight aspects of a roadmap for transformation, including profound changes in politics, philosophy, social structure, and even human nature.

This next step of conscious evolution has been called transhumanism – abbreviated as h+ or >h.

Transhumanists see, and welcome, the opportunity to intelligently redesign and enhance humanity, drawing wisely on the best resources of existing humanity.


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