Speakers at Anticipating 2040 will include:

Dean Bubley, conference co-chair


Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm

“Co-chair’s opening remarks”

Rohit Talwar


CEO of Fast Future, Strategic Advisor, Author

“Beyond comprehension: Navigating the far horizon”

Waldemar Ingdahl


Director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa, blogger

“The force of the many: The future of Blockchain, 3D-printing and other decentralized technologies”

Karen Moloney


Director Moloney Minds, Chartered Psychologist, Consultant, Writer

“The future of men and women”

  • Innovations in the medical sciences will make our reproductive roles redundant. Genomics and the ability to play with our hormones will create transgender worlds. VR and computer-brain interfaces will offer amazing sex experiences without another human being. The only thing left to give each other is love. Will this be enough?

Calum Chace


Ex business leader, author of Pandora’s Brain

“Surviving AI, 2015-2040”

Diana S. Fleischman


Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth

“The future of food – a roadmap to in-vitro meat”

Stephen Minger


Ex Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Science

“Stem cell therapies 2015-2040”

Naomi Nickerson


Doctoral Researcher, Imperial College, London

“The future of quantum computing”

Steve Fuller


Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, author of Humanity 2.0

“What will social justice look like in 2040?”

Stefano Vaj


Practising lawyer, professor of New Technologies Law at Padua University, National Secretary of the Association of Italian Transhumanists

“The future of smart regulation of accelerating technology”

Amon Twyman


Philosopher, Transhumanist Party UK Leader and co-founder

“Sustainable abundance as political program”

David Wood, conference co-chair


Executive Director Transpolitica, Chair London Futurists

“Critical milestones on the path to sustainable abundance”

  • Equitable access: the examples of rejuvenation biotechnology and human enhancement
  • Monitoring accelerating impacts on climate and the environment
  • Leveraging the best of Humanity 1.0 to safeguard the rise of Humanity 2.0

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